About Shubha Janardhan

Shubha Janardhan is the co-founder of Nidara Children and co- creator of its pioneering child development and quality education product and system (patent pending). Nidara’s mission is to give children a solid foundation and help them discover their potential, do well in school and life. For the last few years, she has led the initiative from concept to reality, enabling a new paradigm of providing solid early childhood systems that prepare children for the 21st century.

Shubha started Nidara as a physical center first in Chennai, India that served hundreds of children. After many years of careful research, Nidara was transitioned to an integrated child development and quality education system giving the possibility of helping children worldwide. Shubha has led Nidara through a process of enabling carefully structured systems that give the parent, child and all related stakeholders access to the system. These structured systems include guided learning system, adaptive learning system, whole child development interventions, parent association, means to recognize child achievement and give positive encouragement for their effort creating a growth mindset, curriculum supporting 21st century learning outcomes, personalized learning, language immersion programs.

Under Shubha’s leadership, a systematization and evidence and outcomes based systems have become central to Nidara’s work, resulting in partnerships with leading research institutions. Shubha’s experience also includes providing quality education as per international standards to children enrolled in over 100 Government schools in India through digital means and raising their educational levels, operationalizing the initiative and managing it to ensuring successful outcomes.

Shubha graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, special courses in Child Development and Family Studies and Children. Shubha also completed special focus courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Evaluation and Implementation of Educational Technology. Shubha attended the International School Bangkok and Kodaikanal International School.