Payments and Billing

July 12, 2018

Billing Issues

What methods of payment are possible on the Nidara-Children website?

Currently, we accept all major credit cards, net banking, debit cards, ATM cards, Bank’s IMPS, Prepaid instruments and Bank EMI through CC Avenue.  Additional payment methods can be added in the future by CC Avenue.


Do you store credit card information?

We do not store your payment information.


Pricing and account options

How much does Nidara-Children cost?

Please view our Girl or Boy page for more information.


How do I update my Nidara-Children Pro billing information?

We do not store your billing information.  The information is deleted the moment payment is complete.  If you want to make another payment, you will have to re-enter the information again.



What if I upgraded the wrong account, or want to transfer my paid account to another child’s account?

We are unable to transfer paid subscriptions between individual Nidara-Children accounts. If you accidentally upgraded the wrong account, or you simply want to use your upgraded subscription on a different account, you can email us at


Can I change the currency on my Nidara-Children products?

At this time, all payments are in Indian Rupees only.


Can I subscribe for more than one year and pay in advance?

No. At this time, you can subscribe on a yearly basis only.


Can I gift a Nidara-Children Pro subscription?

We are working on our Gift Shop.  Please do visit us to keep updated.


Invoices and receipts


Can I have an invoice for my Nidara-Children purchase?

At this time, when you make a purchase, an email will be sent to you as an acknowledgement. If you want another copy, please email us with your payment details and we will send it to you. Our email is


Can Nidara-Children change my invoice information?

Unfortunately, we cannot adjust the billing information displayed on invoices. We hope this doesn’t cause too much trouble.  Legally, Nidara-Children must display the same billing information that you entered at the time of your purchase.


Can I change the date I’m billed for my subscription renewal?

At this time, all renewals have to be done by you manually.  We do not have the option of automatic billing.


Upgrade or downgrade

How much does Nidara-Children cost?

Please visit the Girl or Boy sections of our website to determine the right child development system for you.


How do I upgrade to a Nidara-Children paid subscription?

We are happy that you have chosen to get Nidara-Children for your child and develop them in wholesome ways.  You can upgrade your Nidara-Children account to a paid account using the instructions below.

  1. Login to your Nidara-Children Account
  2. Go to Girl or Boy Page
  3. Select the option you want
  4. Pay using credit card


How do I cancel my paid subscription and return to a free Nidara-Children Basic account?

At this time, there is no downgrade option.  If you have paid for the Nidara-Children paid account, your account will remain active until the time that the time runs out.


I paid for a Nidara-Children subscription but didn’t receive the updated access. How can I access my upgraded Account?

Please make sure you have verified your account by selecting the verification link sent to you via email.  Sometimes this link can be in the SPAM folder.  If you are still facing issues, please email us at



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