Anushka joined Nidara during her early childhood years. An exceptional scientific and inquisitive child by nature, Anushka’s journey has been truly wonderful and one painted with many achievements.

A regular at all the science experiment fairs and projects in her middle school class now, Anushka consistently showcases a pioneering spirit in all her scientific experiments. Early on, Anushka discovered her passion for science and loves real world projects. Because she consistently showcases her methods of inquiry and observations in school she has become an inspiration for other children.

We are very proud of Anushka and can’t wait to see her contributions to the field of science in the years to come.


I was thrilled with the experience my Anushka received with Nidara. The Nidara system helped her channel her curiosities learn at her accelerated pace, and helped her explore and discover her interests.

She is Grade 8 now, and because of her solid foundation, she is a confident and capable child. She is doing well in school and we can’t wait to see how she contributes to the scientific world !

I also understood different ways in which a child should be nurtured which was very insightful. I have a younger daughter now who is nearly 4 and can’t wait to see Nidara for her as well!